Kids These Days

Kids These Days

“What do you want for Christmas, Em?"

" Ummmm.... Oh, I know! Like some old music DVD's. Ya know, that like...play music. Some music DVD's."

Yes my daughter just said that.

Straight up and down called a CD, a DVD. A music DVD no less. Like it has no name of it's own.

I didn't even know how to react to these words falling out of her mouth. I stare blankly, just confused. She's so smart. Is she fucking with me? Making an old lady jab or something? But she was just as confused as me. However, her confusion was brought on by zero knowledge of some ancient music storage system.

What in the hell is going on with these new age kids? I hear our daughter say words like, Bluetooth, wifi, iPod, Pandora and yet CD is not in her vocabulary? Surely society is to blame right? Even if we limit electronic use under our own roof. We send them to school where half of their lessons are computer program led. Our oldest doesn't have a phone yet. But a lot of her friends do. And guess what some of these 11 year olds have on their phones? Snapchat and The Facebook and Instagram. All stuff to lead them into this virtual life. With their virtual friends and their virtual parties. All the while they are missing out on a real life. Missing out on compact discs.

Her lack of lingo almost came across as a personal attack. "Mom and her old lady music frisbee." But thru squinted eyes I saw that she honestly didn't know that a CD plays music and a DVD plays movies. So after seconds of soul searching, I correct her. I tell her the word she is looking for is 'CD'. Expecting a thank you or a " oh yeah" at the very least. But what do I get? "Yeah, whatever. Those."

Listen here. I didn't spend a good portion of my childhood collecting as many CD's as I could in that zipper binder, just for a seemingly intelligent child to come along and tell me they don't even know what a damn CD is! No dice. I worked too damn hard for this. I refuse for my memories to become a history lesson to my CD-deprived child.

And now I'm sad.

Have I failed her?

By Jessica King

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  • Moo

    16 November 2016 at 04:40 | #

    I remember feeling the same way with you, but it was cassettes. Very funny, but true.


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