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    I've been married about 2 years almost 3 I've known him for about 5 years...we have a 1 year old son and I absolutely love my son..im not sure if I'm in love with my husband anymore. We haven't had sex since my 3rd trimester and he just doesn't want me. I want him all the time, all the time. But he just never wants me and it's so frustrating I've tried to talk to him about it but he never wants to talk about shit. He s a good dad, a good man a good husband HOWEVER I'm 22 almost 23 and I don't want to be in a sexless marriage and I'm not sure what else to do.

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    I'm married going on 11 years. I'm content with him but not happy. I think our spark is gone and he does nothing to help that get better. I started talking to an ex boyfriend from when i was 16 years old. He was my 1st love. And i dont know if its because of him or because I'm unhappy but I've been contemplating leaving my husband.

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    I'm in love with a "married man" (technically separated but it's still cheating based on the circumstances as I know them). I want him to leave her and pick me. The only guilt I feel is that I don't want him to lose his kid or suffer a lot of drama because he deserves better. I'm not going to stop.

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    Creeped out af!

    My husband's cousin is probably the biggest bitch I've ever met. Like if Regina George and Miranda Priestly had a baby, this bitch would be it. I've always said karma will catch up to her one day and that day has come, although not in the way that I would have hoped.

    Her husband is equally as douchey and 10x more narcissistic (if that's possible). Our relationship (his & mine) has always been purely business & family/friendship. He called me a few weeks ago asking for a colleague's contact information & advice on an advertising campaign. At the end of the conversation, he asked me if I would consider CHEATING ON MY HUSBAND with him! ? Wtf!

    I know he's been cheating on his wife for years but that's not something I'm willing to do in MY marriage. I told him ABSOLUTELY NOT and he laughed it off like a joke. Yeah, okay, haha...

    This mf'er called me AGAIN this week saying he was "in the neighborhood" and wanted to know if he could "stop by."

    You guys, I want to scream!!

    I feel mad, disgusted, & appalled among so many other things! I honestly want to cry bc I feel so uncomfortable & I'm not the easily offended type of bitch. The gall of this guy! He is so full of himself! Is he THAT narcissistic that he feels he can harass me like this?? Or is it bc I've caught him out in public with women who WERE NOT his wife & never dropped the dime?! He told me (about an affair with me), "it's not a matter of IF it's a matter of WHEN."

    I hung up on him. ?

    Now here's the dilemma: I have been so upset that I want to tell my husband but if I do:
    1. It's most likely going to cause a fist fight between my husband & the douche.
    2. It's going to cause a divorce between the douche and Regina's Spawn.
    3. Douche & Satan's innocent children will be put through all kinds of heartache.
    4. We are Mexican so this will be a dramatic novela that I don't want to watch. I can't even begin to imagine the different scenarios that come of this.

    If I don't tell then I feel like I'm disrespecting my husband but I'm also saving the drama, saving the kids the turmoil & The Devil in Prada (or Forever 21, whatever) can continue to pretend that life is peachy.

    My question is: WHAT WOULD YOU DO?!

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    I'm in a relationship with a guy that I really love and he absolutely adores me, but he is so severely flawed and dysfunctional that I have felt the overwhelming desire to cheat on him just to meet my needs. Enter prince fucking charming who is absolutely gorgeous and so in tune with me that he appears out of no where with amazing thoughts and compliments when I need it the most...it makes my heart burst with joy, but at the same time I don't want to hurt my guy who really is a good guy under it all. my guy knows he's losing me and he just can't get his shit together to not and it kills me that he's trying so hard not to. I am so torn and the more I talk with this other guy the more I get confused, but I just can't stop. He's like a breathing tube in this all. I have always hated and judged cheaters and here I am doing exactly what I've thought others could have avoided. Fuckkkkk!

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    When you can't be honest with the one you love to save the relationship. Hiding the darkest secret of my life from him because if he knew he would leave me and I can't be without him. It kills me inside every single day:(

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    My best friend doesn't let her son eat meat, even though he wants to. He always asks to eat it at my house, so I'll order pepperoni pizza or something and let him live his own life and she still has no idea.

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    I had a dream about a married guy I know being a love interest. He wasn't married in my dream, and nothing "happened". A few days later a mutual friend tells me that he wants to sleep with me. I tried to shake it off like just dudes being pervs now I can't stop thinking about him. I would never act on a single guy but these dreams are messed up.

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