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On Saturday, September 23rd hundreds of Unicorn Mothers came together for the first ever UniCon LA that took place at the Sofitel Hotel in Beverly Hills. UniCon LA was hosted by Unicorn Moms, which is a community of moms created to empower, embrace and uplift mothers around the world. CEO, and owner of the organization, Maria Hunt welcomed all and announced that Unicorn Moms now has an App to find fellow UMs in any community. Unicorn Moms is a rapidly growing online forum of over 30k moms from all over the world and over 50k followers. It’s a place where moms escape the mask of perfection, support and accept each other’s flaws, and grow together without judgment.

Due to the popularity and devotion of its members, UM has expanded into a lifestyle brand, providing an opportunity to create and nurture brand recognition with moms. Over 300+ women were in attendance, guests were presented educational lifestyle products, relationship support, entertainment, and time to meet one another.

The Unicorn Marketplace hosted great brands such as Bad Moms Christmas, fashion from Beautiful Disaster, jewels from Emma J Company, toys by LELO, and Shoes by Shoedazzle. The Beauty area of the UniCon Market Place was packed as moms learned how to get their best body back with CRMC Laser, Juva Lips, Nail Stations, and more. In addition to the market place, the event featured 3 panel discussions with celebrity moms and experts who provided insight on their day to day lives as mothers, business women and entrepreneurs. Topics ranged from: Mom in a Digital Era, How Do You Keep Cool, and the Mompreneur. Celeb Mom, Christine Lakin spoke alongside Meredith Masonry, Veena Crownholm, Tiffany Jenkins, and Nikki Lund. It was during the Mompreneur discussion with Adrianna Costa, Diana Madison, Jenny Nordback, Apryl Jones, Noelia Murphy, and Deanna Pappas we learned that moms really can do it all, and still have fun.

We closed out Unicon with the How to Keep Cool panel hosted by Ashley Jones, Angie Stewart, Natalie Nunn, and Sophie Jaffe. During the event, guests learned how to find fellow moms on the Unicorn Mom app and enjoyed a renewed sense of themselves with other Unicorn Moms. The official Unicorn Mom app is a better way to connect with local UMs, stay updated on the latest news and events, and so much more.

Unicorn Moms plans to continue to grow this thriving community that provides friendship and support as we grow as mothers. Maria Hunt plans to bring more UniCons to mothers all around the US and improve the app to continually make it easier for moms to connect with each other. Stay tuned for more.

About Unicon

UniCon is a gathering of Unicorn Moms, meant to empower and encourage them to embrace their individuality. Our primary mission is to provide an environment of non-judgmental support and acceptance for moms journeying through the many phases of motherhood. We’re changing the conversation: taking the focus away from the obvious and lifting up something that moms often overlook – themselves. The day-long UniCon experience will inspire, encourage and rejuvenate moms through its top-notch panelists, educational opportunities, relationship support, amazing vendors, entertainment, and more. UniCon is an energetic event that will help you improve from the inside out. Attendees will enjoy a renewed sense of themselves and a connection with other Unicorn Moms.

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