The Friends We Need

The Friends We Need

I love the many types of friendships women cultivate over the years. Our friendships expand, shrink and shift yet we have such a variety of support. You know what I mean...

You have the friend you can call to go secretly toilet paper your ex’s car in the middle of the night (eco-friendly toilet paper of course).

You have the friend you can call to help you turn inward and see where you went wrong in an argument with your husband.

You have the friend you can call to take you to an oil change and you have the friend you literally only can text because your schedules are so out of sync.

You have the friend who makes you laugh until you pee and the friend who you literally only know on Instagram but she always knows when to send the right meme to cheer up your day.

When I think of the most important quality of a friend, it’s acceptance.

What’s made my friendships long lasting is acceptance. We accept one another for who it is we are. We may not agree with everything (we definitely don’t) but we accept that and keep moving.

For moms, our friendships are so important for us. Reach out to your friends and remind them you love them. A little reminder of love goes a long way.

- Erin Morrison, EdM, MA
Conscious Parenting Practitioner
Website: www.theconsciousmom.com
Instagram: @itstheconsciousmom
Text: 954.406.1936

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