Mom Feature

Mom Feature

You married your UPS man. Seventeen years later, on the cusp of your 40th birthday, your hubby leaves you on the side of the road...never to come back again!

Well, that’s me, Jenn Patterson, 44, single mom of two teenage boys, running a women’s clothing boutique. My life was, and still is one big laugh out loud! When you find out your ex had been living a double life, you do what any sane women would do. You become a badass business owner! Then you buy out your business partners and divorce your husband and build a brand new store!

Ladies, this shit was, and still is, far from easy. I lost a husband and two close business partners all at the same time! I moved on by choosing humor, even at my own expense. I laugh at myself, my story and my situation, and talk about it hoping other women can relate.

I still can not believe I made it this far without jail time, rehab, etc., but I guess there is still time! There have been and still are many days I cry so hard and can’t pull it together. But I do. I have no choice but to fight harder for my boys and for my business that supports them! Shit sucks, life sucks, but it’s how you move forward that makes it all easier. Of course there is much more to my shit show life, but can’t give it all away at once! As I always say: “I’m living my best life!”

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- Jenn Patterson

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