Middle Aged Friendships

Middle Aged Friendships

Making friends as a kid was easy. Kids walk up to each other and ask to play and bam friends. Valuing friends as a kid is something different. As a child we view our friends almost as possessions. For instance your best friend wasn't allowed to have another best friend. That was a mortal sin. Also dropping friends for a new group happened often.

But never the less all of those friends were important. They helped mold you into the woman you are today. Some of them are still in the picture and some are just faint memories of the past.

Making friends as an adult can be hard. We now have schedules that are busy, kids that require our attention and so much baggage that we are no longer carefree enough to just walk up and ask someone to be our friend.

There is a stage in our lives as mothers where we don't think we need friends. The simple reason for that is because we are so busy that we feel we don't have enough strength to start or nurture new relationships. Then we get to this stage in life where you look around and you have lost yourself. You have made your whole life about being a mom and forgot that you’re a person.

This is when you need friends. Not just any friends. You need those friends that respect that you are a mother first and will understand when you have to bail because your kid suddenly is ill. The friends that when you feel like you are drowning will be your lifeline and pull you up, then laugh with you about falling in the first place. Those friends that remind you who you really are. The friends who you look at and either see women you have known your whole life or women you wish you had known your whole life.

You need friends like this. You have to let go of the crap and open yourself up to the possibility of something better. You have to not be afraid to walk up to a group of women you have never met in person, just online, and say "I'm here bitches!" Because you never know when you will be meeting your newest bestfriends.

Valuing friendship as an adult holds much more weight. These friendships, the true friendships, made in midlife are worth so much more to you than those friendships of the past that were easily replaced.

Find your tribe of women who support you fiercely and love you dearly. Those will be the women who get you through the tough times without question or doubt.

- Kristi Gaglio

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  • Carol Anderson

    18 December 2018 at 18:35 | #

    So well put, Kristi


  • Lisa C

    06 January 2019 at 01:50 | #

    This post is life!
    I’m a Middle Aged Mom with a 20, a 17.75 & a 15 yr old. I haven’t read anything so true in a long time.


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