About The Amazing UM App

About The Amazing UM App

Check out this write-up from Yahoo about our new App! Link to article: Here

Maria Hunt, Founder of Unicorn Moms, an online community of more than 70,000 women, launches the platform's mobile app to allow moms to embrace their individuality and connect with like-minded Moms in their area through increased geo-location capabilities.

"There are a lot of online support groups, communities, and even apps on the market that target moms but most of those apps focus around your child with tips ranging from finding the best babysitter to setting up playdates for your kids. Unicorn Moms is different because we focus on the mom as an individual and on her identity outside of motherhood. Moms love our Facebook community and website because they find it to be a safe place where they are free to express themselves and talk about their hopes, triumphs, and struggles without fear of judgment. With the mobile app, we've made it easier for moms to connect while on the go and set up grownup playdates with other like-minded women in their area," said Maria Hunt, Founder of Unicorn Moms.

Both the Unicorn Moms site and app cover topics that Moms want to talk about, ranging from their favorite deals, cocktails, and recipes, to airing their dirty laundry or seeking advice on their career goals or marital challenges.

"We are thrilled to launch the app in coordination with UniCon, which is our convention that took place this past weekend in Los Angeles. There were over 400 Unicorn Moms in attendance who were thrilled at the news of the upcoming app, and we are already planning our next con." The gatherings are meant to empower moms and our goal is to change the conversation – taking the focus away from the obvious and lifting up something that moms often overlook – themselves!" said Maria Hunt.

How Does It Work?

The Unicorn Moms community has always been free to join! They only have one rule: no mean moms! If you enjoy the online community, you can download the Unicorn Moms app for $1.99 to any IOS phone (Android coming soon). Once downloaded, you can create your profile and you will automatically be added to the main feed. In the feed, you can view other profiles, enter group discussions, sign up for events, or direct message other moms in your area that you'd like to meet. You can sort the main feed to only view posts you're in the mood for (funny, relationships, etc.). The app allows users to take relationships a step further and create a real-life support system with other local mothers through geo-location technology. You can also plan or attend local Unicorn Mom events in your area and buy merchandise from the Unicorn Moms store like clothing, wine glasses, and more.

About Unicorn Moms:

Unicorn Moms is a worldwide community — both online and in the real world — of moms who fully support each other. The mission is to empower and encourage moms to embrace their individuality and not lose sight of their uniqueness as they travel through the different phases of motherhood. Through the Unicorn Moms platform, new mobile app and upcoming UniCon convention, moms can connect and get the real scoop on anything and everything "Mom," from the miraculous benefits of coconut oil to the number of shots it takes to ovulate!

About Maria Hunt:

Maria Hunt is a first-generation Mexican American woman, wife of more than ten years, and mother of two boys, ages seven and nine. She started her career in the tech startup industry working as the office manager at MySpace and Executive Assistant to Tom Anderson, everyone's first friend on MySpace! She later worked for Bridg, an automation platform for multi-unit businesses, followed by Brandish, a marketing and advertising agency known for brand positioning and creative strategy, before launching Unicorn Moms in 2015. She is also the founder of UniCon, the Unicorn Moms convention, meant to empower and encourage moms to embrace their individuality. The first UniCon took place Saturday, Sept. 23 in Los Angeles and will be back in 2018.

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  • Shar Lisenbery

    14 November 2017 at 17:08 | #

    Totaly stoked about this app, except I dont use apple... When will this be ready for android users??


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