Ok UMs, I just wanted to say something:

I am not a perfect mom, nor a perfect person. I am divorced, two kids, I have issues from my crappy childhood, I swear, I drink sometimes, I have tattoos, and I have a wickedly sarcastic sense of humor. I've tried "mom groups" before and couldn't get away fast enough. Stepford Moms are not for me! Not judging, I just am not that kind of person, and I feel very uncomfortable.

I was thinking while driving in today that I LOVE this group! You are all a bunch of badass mamas, and I don't feel like such an outlier anymore. I have been divorced for a whole 13 days now, and sometimes I feel alone and overwhelmed. You ladies make me laugh every day, and remind me how strong we are. Thank you for being my secret society support group!


Love how this ONE woman has brought almost 6000 women together to bring out the best in them... An open forum for us crazy moms to express ourselves without judgement (hopefully) , ladies date nights, happy hours... I really love it..

Love reading about all things possible and almost thought impossible. Women lifting women.. Women inspiring women to be a better version of themselves. Wish I would have made plans to come tonight. Have fun ladies! Special thank you to Maria you are one of a kind can't wait to meet you face to face soon. Cheers Ladies!


I am new to this group. I've been in many "mom groups" on Facebook always added by others and same goes for this one. But I must admit I've never been a fan of mom groups because I always felt like the"odd one out" I am so far from being a "perfect" mom, or "normal" wife. So when I was added to this one I was like "oh great another mom group" but I have to say... You ladies are my kind of people!!! I love this group and am so excited to be in here!!! Not talking shit about other groups, they just aren't my style! You ladies are amazing! #UMpride #Whatsup #LoveYouGuys


A Letter from my husband:

I don't know who you women are or how my wife came to join this group but i have to tell you all thank you. My wife has suffered from major depression when our son died and even though she was having good days and starting to come around this group has helped her so much. She has less "bad" days and she is always laughing at some of the post she sees. I dont know what you have said to her or how the hell you lovely ladies did it but i get to see my wife's beautiful smile and hear her contagious laugh. She doesn't get overstressed when our sons bone headed teacher says anything about our sons reading level and she has started to become herself. So i just want to say thank you beautiful women for giving her so much support. I am proud to be a unicorn husband!


The outpouring love from all you UM is amazing. The live and support u showed me in helping me make sure my little girl had everything before she's born is amazing I've cried for days with happy tears from the love and support y'all showed. I can't thank you enough THANK YOU SO MUCH t minus less than 50 days till she's here.


I just want to Thank all the amazing Admins. Who do a great job on this page and actually do a proper job making sure this site is run smoothly while giving woman a safe haven to confide in people they don't know but with positivity for the most part. Yes there's drama but when isn't there but I can easily say I have never had an admin belittle me for what I say or believe in. I have had other requests for groups and there not the same. I had one admin call me unimportant in another group because of what I believe in and for asking a simple question. That blew my mind, your supposed to be running a site for woman to ask questions and when they do your going to belittle them. Doesn't seem like a leader to me. I won't name the group but I just wanted to Thank you guys for being you and accepting my nonsense and random questions without being nasty about it or talking down to me like I'm some moron that doesn't know shit. Love you ladies. No one will tarnish my horn, have a wonderful night and lots of love to you and your families.


Because without y'all, my life would be so boring and sad. Y'all have helped me bring joy back into my life by just plain making me laugh again. After my Oma died, i was in a bad way. I relapsed, hard, with the one thing i never thought I'd do again. I was 17 the last time i cut on myself. I hadn't had any tattoo therapy to put my sleeve on for Brigette (bre-git-ah), so i went a little nutty. I had to tell my wife. I had to go get a job because i wasn't allowed to be at home alone. And then i was added to this group. And it all started getting better, slowly but surely. I only have a few of you in here that are my physical friends, but for the other 12k, y'all are just as real to me as any one of my mommy friends. And y'all keep me either laughing, thinking, or praying. I don't know where i'd be right now if it wasn't for being a part of this mommy revolution! So, yeah, thanks Maria! This probably saved my life.


I love this group because you get to see that your not the only one going threw shit and that your troubles can always be worse you get to see a different side of things you might agree you might not but that's OK every one is different and when u are at your worst possible moment and you have no one to turn to in your life you know u have 12,000 plus women to lean on your not alone !!! Thank you for being you maria !!!


I love this group because it makes me feel human! We laugh, cry, bitch, share and love here... Thanks for sharing in the ride we call life as mothers in this crazy world!


The stories of strength and support from fellow UM'S and the funny ass post. Relating to other people and the advice given,gets me through my toughest days.


Exactly what the hashtag says #umstrong no matter what the situation at the very least 100 women stand STRONG behind those of us in need. Wether it be life advice money a helping hand hell a tissue...these ladies gotchu! It amazes me every single day! When i was first added i was like oh a group....what? Why was i added? Then y'all cracked me the fuck up so i stuck around and now i couldnt imagine life without you crazy bitches!!!


I feel a little more sane in my daily life since this group. To know there are so many mom's who struggle with me and make me feel validated when I feel I'm being to hard on my kids or myself or the hubby. I get a laugh every day and it's usually when I don't want to laugh. I love the sister hood and being able to lift up another wife and mom when she's having a rough day because we've all been there. Everyone has a bad day and being able to have a place to release and rant without judgment (mostly) and ridicule. And I must say the administration...your patience with some of us is that of saints lol


I absolutely love this group because I get no judgement, I get advice, I get support, I get love. I dont have many girl-friends and I dont have that much support sometimes especially in my relationship and I get that from UM's. I dont feel like I have to have a filter, I say what I say when I want to say it. You see and feel that you are Not alone in any one situation and of course because I can talk about my SO on here without him knowing. ;)


I love this group because it fills a gap I have in my life. I don't have the courage to go out looking for new mommy friends that live near me, so I'm stuck rarely ever seeing my friends because they live so far from me. I love this group because evem though I don't much of a social life in my life, I can always come to this group and either post or comment on something and feel like I'm surrounded by badass and hilarious friends. Women with the same troubles, same humor, same love.. it's just nice to know that if I need help, advice, support, or friends I can always come here and be shown those things. I can't wait to meet some of you ladies, thank you for making me feel such comfort from such a large group of ladies.


I love this group because a group of total strangers can come together and act like we have all known each other for years! When I went to the Santa Barbara trip with you Maria and everyone else there was never any awkwardness!! Everyone welcomed everyone with open arms!


I love this group because it makes me feel like I'm really not alone in this motherhood deal. That at some point, we have all had a similar experience and we share a common bond of loving our kids!


Because being an upright "perfect mom" who has her shit together (even if only virtually) can be fucking EXHAUSTING!

You ladies make me feel normal.

Life sucks sometimes, it's not all rainbows & happiness and you remind me that's ok.


I have so many reasons why I love this group! I don't have to include myself in every post, and I don't have to announce myself everyday; BUT, When I have a question I am always treated with respect and have many different avenues of advice I can take. I love this group because when one of our own is in trouble, we come together in masses to see her to safety...no questions asked. This is therapy at its finest. I love you all! #UMSTRONG


I was added to this group when I needed it the most. I was struggling with my teen daughter's severe depression, suicide attempt and hospitalization. Nobody really understood. In fact everything was "hush hush" as if it was a dirty secret. I was scared and alone. But one day I saw a post about mental illness, and the OP received so much support and encouragement!!! I was able to share my own struggles and there were 5,000 (at the time) other women supporting me! Some of them going through the exact same thing! I can't even begin to explain how much that helped me through one of the most difficult times of my life. The sense of community,of belonging, of support, The ability to type FUCKITY FUCK FUCK in all caps.....Every woman deserves that.


I love this group because it has taught me that I am not alone on everything I do for my family that everything that I go through I'm not the only one that has gone through or is going through that I'm not perfect but that's OK I'm doing the best that I can and it means a lot because I get to vent and ask questions and be myself and learn how to be stronger


I love being able to talk about fun topics. Being a mom and going on play dates can be mentally exhausting. Talking about potty training, breastfeeding and how tired we are over and over is boring. This group has reminded me that I am more than just a Mom. I am still young and deserve to laugh and have fun!

I feel like I'm back in my 20's and having a blast, even if it's only online most of the time


There's strength in numbers. having thousands of incredible women to pour hearts out to, laugh with, and be ourselves helps boost confidence and for me I feel far less alone at times.


I was added to the group many many months ago. I read stuff for a while before I really started chiming in. Some posts make me laugh (which I desperately need), some posts make me cry while others inspire me. Last week when I was truly low and feeling helpless, I wrote a post. It was around 1am Colorado time. I was sobbing, unable to sleep and wrought with worry about one of my daughter's who is suicidal. It's a scary, overwhelming place to be when every second of every day you're wondering if that's the day you're going to find your child dead. When I wrote about this, I was reaching out, venting to the virtual world, not knowing what kind of response I would get. Quite a few mama's reached back. They reached through the land of 1's and zeros to hold my hand, to tell me that it's OK to feel helpless, that they too understood my pain because they know first hand, to ask me questions, or to simply say, "I'm here for you. You have my support." That is why I love this group. When I had no one to talk to about something that weighs me down everyday, women in this group tried to lift me up. I need to go back through the hundreds of posts since to find these women. They helped me through a very dark hour. Thank you, Maria, for creating this group. There are some amazing bitches here


I got invited to join this group at a time when I was at my lowest. My husband of 12 years had left me a single mom of 3 boys, including a newborn. I felt alone, isolated, ashamed and devastated. I felt like I was an awful mother and unworthy of love. There were days where I laid in bed and didn't want to get up and went through the motions of being a mommy but completely consumed by depression. Then this wonderful group of honest, amazing, strong women entered my life. The nights that had typically been spent alone crying staring at pictures of my broken family turned into laughs and happy tears reading the posts and comments. I was able to engage with other women, give and receive advice with no judgment. I REALIZED I'M NOT ALONE! There are so many women who went though what I went through and made it. There are so many woman who are going things I can't even imagine. The love and encouragement shown by this amazing group outweigh any of the negativity to the point where it doesn't even register. There is nothing we woman can't do. I've realized my worth and I will never settle for anything less! Thank you Maria for starting this group!


Amazing support & the group is hilarious. I love all the events that give back to the community, I have never seen another mommy group do that.


I'm an older UM and kids aren't around as much. This group has helped me from feeling alone or depressed many times. I love to see women supporting each other on our everyday real life struggles and I especially love the belly fuck'n laughs!


I love this group. I can show support to anyone that needs it share my own experience with those who don't know what to expect and get support myself. I love that I can post anything and get an honest straight up feed back. I know we have problems sometimes but we are all women and are learning and growing from each other. I also love that I can add girls I know are UM material and either need help as first time mom's or with life as a mother in general. Thank you Maria for making this group and sticking to the rules.


I think after repeatedly saying that I'm such a loner ( now married and a mom of a 3yr old ) not many people understand . Until I got introduced to this group. I now understand so much more about myself (weird ) because so many mommys understand . I see what other moms with kids in different age groups are dealing with and its a heads up so what I could be dealing with in the near future . I've learned that it's ok to be a mom and wife and still be different . We are all different there is no right or wrong way . Love you ladies


Maria my daughter added me a few months ago and just being in this group has calmed me down knowing that there are other people going thru what I am and people that is even worse with such problems but also joy. The best thing about this group is most of us don't know each other but we all love each other and stick together. I am very blessed to have this group in my live. Thank you Maria


I love all you beautiful ladies and all the awesome hilarious stories I get to read about all day! I love getting to know you and your families and also share my life and my stories! This group has made me feel a part of something and also I have things I look forward to, like the pool party coming up!! Woop woop!! Thank you Maria Hunt for making Unicorn Moms, it's been such a blessing to have all your awesome chicks in my life.

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